The saying "waste not, want not" has never been truer than when applied to xray film recycling and recovery companies like Industrial Surplus. Dental xray film and other forms of medical film aren't cheap and being able to sell your used NDT film can be a great way to make some of your money back. The concept is simply: you use your film then instead of disposing of it you sell it to Industrial Surplus and make money. This should be apart of any efficient medical financial model as it allows you to effectively reduce the cost of using expensive film for xrays.

Industrial Surplus takes pride in their service to the Tulsa, OK community. Helping your business to become more efficient and helping the environment go hand in hand thanks to their x-ray recycling services. They also specialize in silver recovery from x-ray film and function as a silver recycler. In addition to this they also buy all sorts of other items like scrap metal, engine parts, manufacturing equipment, generators and more. If you ever need to dispose of something from your business make sure you contact Industrial Surplus first to see if they'd be willing to buy it from you.

There are plenty of benefits to taking advantage of the services offered by Industrial Surplus, Tulsa OK's top NDT film and x-ray film recycling service. Not only are you going to be getting paid cash that you can reinvest into your business you will also be able to eliminate the hassle of disposing of these materials yourself. X-ray recycling and recovery companies also help the environment so you can take pride in the fact that you're helping to create a sustainable world for future generations. Being able to preform silver recovery from x-ray film is also a handy thing they can do and is great for conserving our planet's precious metals.

If you regularly have to dispose of dental x-ray film, medical x-ray film and more don't hesitate to contact Industrial Surplus. You can visit their website for more information on their services or give them a call to speak with a friendly customer representative. Also don't forget that Industrial Surplus is also a silver recycler and buys all kinds of other materials that you would ordinarily just throw away. You never know how much money you can make when you're selling your unwanted junk and equipment to Industrial Surplus for quick cash!